Press Release for the 3rd Conference of the Cyprus Association of Actuaries

The Third Conference of the Cyprus Association of Actuaries was held on 5th April 2017 with the participation of members of the European Association of Actuaries, the International Actuarial Association and a number of professionals from the relevant sectors of the financial sector. This year’s event was under the auspices of the President of Parliament, hosted by the University of Cyprus and sponsored by the largest reinsurance organizations worldwide. The event aimed to cover actuarial, financial, economic and social issues related to the actuarial profession and in which actuaries can contribute significantly.

During the Conference’s official dinner, hosted by the Cyprus Association of Actuaries, to the conference participants and official guests, the President of the Association, Mr Loucaides, analysed the significance of the actuarial profession and stressed the need for actuaries to be involved in issues relating to social security, retirement, private insurance, investment, the design of the new health system and the risk management of financial institutions so that these areas can operate in a professional manner and with an economically sound basis which will improve the country’s economy and professionalism in the financial sector.

The Conference’s presentations as well as the Chairman’s speech are available for download here.