The Executive Council is the administrative body of the CAA. It is elected by the General Assembly for a term of two years and only Fellows of the CAA may be nominated for membership.

The current Executive Council 2020 to 2022 which was elected by the AGM of 24th of June 2020 is:

President Andri Kallimachou
Vice-President Christos Patsalides
Secretary Gavriella Christoforou
Treasurer Marinos Theodosiou
Member Andreas Shakallis
Member Demetris Demetriou

Working groups of the CAA

The CAA Executive Council elected in 2016 has revisited the policy of operating committees and has decided that due to the small size of the association it will be more effective to operate ad hoc working groups which will work on issues either decided by the Council or raised by the membership. CAA members will be invited to join these working groups when such need arises and must be:

  • Willing to offer for the common good of the profession
  • Able to place the profession and the association above any corporate or personal interests
  • Active member of the Association (for those who are not currently members, it suffices that an application for membership is submitted)

The working groups will provide feedback to the council and to the membership as a whole. Each working group will be given specific terms of reference which will jointly agreed with the Executive Council.

A strong association makes for better prospects for its members and provides more satisfaction to those who are part of it. We believe that these working groups will provide an appropriate forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, will help the Executive Council to form official views on actuarial issues, and will provide an excellent opportunity for further networking between members and a good step in the further strengthening of our profession in Cyprus.

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