History of the CAA

Started from a group of young actuaries educated in UK and US, the Cyprus Association of Actuaries (CAA)

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CAA Membership

There are three types of membership to the CAA: Student, Associate & Fellow. Classification to different membership

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The Actuarial Profession

The actuarial profession in Cyprus has reached its highest point as yet. All of the major life insurance companies have

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The Executive Council is the administrative body of the CAA. It is elected by the General Assembly for a term of two years

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Professional Guidance

The CAA has to date issued one Guidance Note and two Standards of Actuarial Practice. These can be downloaded from the link

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The latest Membership Acceptance Criteria are in force since 14th November 2016.

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Find an Actuarial Firm

List firms offerings actuarial consulting services in Cyprus

Job Opportunities

Newsroom – Job Opportunity