Want to become an actuary?

Become an actuary

The first thing you need to do is learn what an actuary is and what an actuary does!
An actuary is a highly educated individual with analytical and technical skills who applies his knowledge and expertise in order to “predict the future” and solve real business problems looking through the different sources of risk and the probability of these future risks materializing.

An actuary applies mathematics, statistics and economics in order to gain an understanding of the complex financial issues and must be able to explain this issues to non-specialists.

Actuaries are employed mainly in the five areas of insurance, pensions, healthcare, investments and banking. They can either be working for a company or as consultants.

As consultants, actuaries are more occupied with offering advice on corporate complex issues such as mergers and acquisitions, compliance with regulatory regime and financing of capital projects.

In Insurance, actuaries design and price products and produce several numerical information required to ensure that the company will be able to meet its financial obligations at any point in time.

In Pensions, actuaries design and provide advice on pension schemes – while in Investments they are involvedin research, pricing and management of investments ranging from debt to equity.

The actuarial profession is a well-recognised profession and the actuarial qualification is a highly regarded qualification of international acclaim that provides potential for a successful and interesting career.

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