Welcome note from the President of the CAA

It is a great honour to have been elected in the presidency of the Cyprus Association of Actuaries. Together with all the members of the Board as well as with the volunteering from the membership of the Association we hope to take the profession in Cyprus a step further. My priorities during my tenure will be:

1. The establishment and recognition of the profession at a local level so that the Association becomes a major stakeholder in all relevant areas to the profession.

2. Create continuous professional development opportunities for the Association's members through educational events and seminars.

3. Offering help and guidance to the membership for related actuarial issues through the issue of guidance.

4. Re-inforce the relationship of CAA with IAA and AAE.

5. Upgrading the website and the communication capabilities it can offer.

I hope that you enjoy your navigation through this website and the Board would very much appreciate and welcome any contributions in terms of articles, opinions on actuarial matters or even suggestions for further improvements to our electronic site.

I look forward to your participation and contribution in order to help the profession gain the prestige that it deserves!

Christos Loucaides MA FCAA FIA